LabourList ideas roundup: CONTINUED!

This time they've all been submitted by twitter, and there aren't any completely awful suggestions! (well apart from the blanket nationalisation ones, and I just ignore them!)

Remove charitable status from Private Schools. (I would go further and levy a tax on private education)

Ban private education!

A transport system for the rest of the country like London's. (A national Oyster card would be amazing!)

Hold all elections on the same day: local, national and european. Improves turnout & removes using vote as protest against incumbent.
Abolish Sunday trading law: allow shops to open for any length of time on a Sunday. Would provide an economic boost.

Scrap the different rates of NMW and benefits according to age. Being under 25 is no less expensive than being 25+.
Schools should teach how to budget, how to run a bank account, which bills you should pay first, what credit is... (I would add teach a bit of economics, especially Keynesian macro-economics)
National standards and enforcement agency for private landlords.

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